Greece: Days of Change 

A 60’ documentary
Directed and produced by Elena Zervopoulou

In times of recession, the film portrays three Greeks trying to take their destiny in their own hands. Could this crisis be our chance to re-invent ourselves and our society?

We follow Giorgos, who became homeless, finding the strength to overcome his difficulties and put his life back together. Then, Grigoris’ family as it seeks a better quality of life leaving the city. Finally, meet the activist volunteer group behind the “potato movement” (our protagonist llias) as their activities impact the society as a whole by challenging the commercial foods supply chain and practicing solidarity and direct democracy. As the economic crisis lingers and deepens, Greece is not far away and we may see the necessity for initiatives like in Greece in many other countries in the not so far future.

Our protagonists are here to give us courage and strength.

Directed and produced by  Elena Zervopoulou
Cinematography Ilias Adamis – Elena Zervopoulou
Edit – Sound Design Kenan Akkawi
Music Drog_A_Tek
Translation – Subtitling Maria Polychronopoulou
Color Correction – Vagelis Metaxas Graal S.A.
Dialogue Editing – Valia Tserou – Final Mix – Studio Echo
Graphics – Costas Polatoglou
International Distribution – Films Transit International (Jan Rofekamp)

Festivals & nominations 

  • Docs Barcelona 2015, nominated for the “New Talent” award (Spain)
  • Millennium International Documentary Festival 2015, nominated for the “Workers of the World” award (Belgium)
  • IDFA Docs for Sale (Netherlands)
  • Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2014 (Greece)
  • One World Festival 2016 (Czech Republic)

Broadcasted by

  • ORF 3 (Austria)
  • RTE (Ireland)
  • NRK (Norway)
  • SKAI (Greece)
  • Catalan TV (Spain)

Cinema screenings 

  • Spain 60 cinema venues all over Spain during January 2016, by “Documental del mez”, Parallel 40
  • Moving Docs distribution, cinema screenings across Europe, selected by EDN (European Documentary Network).
  • Italy Rome, Bologna, Sardegna by DocIT, Matera and Potenza by One Vibe Films.
  • Greece Athens by CineDoc