I am a true born Costa rica

A documentary directed and produced by Carlos Zuniga 

There are many people in Costa Rica who are culturally and emotionally connected to calypso music, but it is the Calypsonians who keep this cultural expression, which dates back to 1900, alive. In their stories and songs, they talk in a burlesque way about the relationship of Afro-Costaricans with this country, their language and their role in history, as well as their struggle to assert their rights as professional artists.
Executive Producer: One Vibe Films – Centro de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. ICAT

Director, Carlos Zuniga

producer: Vera Gener

Cinematography: Kayla Vanderbolt, Carlos Zuniga

Sound recording: Vera gener

Editing: Carlos Zuniga

co-producer (for the 5min): UNA Universidad Nacional


Shooting location: Province of Limón, Costa Rica

Format: 4k digital cinema

Shooting duration: 1 year 2 months

Partners: National University of Costa rica National University of Claypsonias,

Production stage: Rough Cut