Shot in Rwanda (17’)

Director / Producer: Elena Zervopoulou

Commissioned by: The Glocal Forum and the City Hall of Rome

Shot in Rwanda, in one of Kigali’s largest slums called Kimisagara, this short documentary brings to light the activities of the WAF center, seen by a young girl’s eyes.

Implemented by the NGO “The Glocal Forum” and by the City Hall of Rome, with the help of young local educators, the pre-school program consists in offering young children the opportunity to do some sports, arts and ICT activities. The mobile health clinic often visits the center to prevent diseases by making sure all kids are healthy and vaccinated. Amicale, a 5 years old girl, takes us to her everyday life inside and outside the center, while her young teacher comments on the challenge of educating for a better hygiene, given the poor living conditions.