VR360 poetry film

Director: Elena Zervopoulou

Poet & performer: Nilson Muniz

Produced for Matera European Capital of Culture Produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata and Fondazione Matera 2019 in collaboration with Lucania Film Commission

A leaf loose in the wind, reminds us of our true nature. Far from civilization, a poet emerges from autumn leaves in a cave. As in Plato’s cave, after a state of “hibernation” in a world of illusions, he embodies man’s thought, the philosopher who seeks a different perspective, who sees the light. Out of the cave, he discovers the rebirth of nature and spring, reflecting his own rebirth… A brief experience of awakening and liberation to realign us with our essence. Standing on the edge of a cliff, pushed to our limits and out of our comfort zone, we are embracing trust of our true nature, “BeLeaf”. Change is possible when lifted by “BeLief”, enjoy the flight!

Shifting our perception to our common essence as human beings, we are reminded of the aspects of identity that unite us rather than divide us, of our connection with our earth and our interconnection among us and with everything that surrounds us. A path of awakening our consciousness, an invitation to elevation, to a high frequency vibration, to actively contribute in shaping our collective present and future, to take “common unique action”.

Distributed on RAI CINEMA VR app ​​

Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 (world premiere)

Maker Faire European Edition (Rome)

La Punta della Lingua POETRY FESTIVAL (XV edition)

9th International Festival of Video Poetry (Athens)

Apulia Web Fest


Shooting location: Matera Italy

Format: VR 360

Shooting duration: 1 months

Production stage: Rough Cut