Walking in light

A multidisciplinary performance (video-dance, physical theater, music)

Written, directed and produced by Elena Zervopoulou

A journey of resilience of young refugees in search of a better future in Europe. From Libya to Italy, from hell to illusion, passing from the sea, challenging one’s faith to life and freedom.

From traumatized adolescence to pre-mature maturity, our protagonists are non-accompanied minors, hosted in shelters in South Italy (Nova Siri and Salandra). They are the narrators of their lives and they contribute in bringing alive the poetic vision of the film through performing and dancing together with some Italian young professional dancers. The film then becomes the background canvas of a video-dance performance.

The video-dance has been inspired by art-therapy Participatory Video (PV) workshops, conducted by the filmmaker, that took place in the shelters with larger groups of young refugee participants.

A multidisciplinary socially engaged artistic project promoting intercultural dialogue, raising awareness and empowering young refugees through participatory approach.

Idea, film director, artistic director, producer: Elena Zervopoulou
Associate producer: Carlos Zuniga
Choreographers: Rosella Iacovone – Lucia Pennacchia
Music: Roberto Redavid
Soundscapes: Graziano Cammisa
Camera: Nicola D’antona – Carlos Zuninga – Elena Zervopoulou
Editing: Sergio Recchia
Dancers: Basile Antonella, Di Lecce Serena, Logiurato Simona, Lo Sapio Mauro, Polito Giuseppe Antonio, Aba Antonio, Cordero Adriana, Giorgia Gagliardi
Young participants: Blessing Akuetie, Mustafa Badije, Flora Ihianre, Shahzaib Muhammed, Fallou Niass, Mustafa Ahmed, Happy Michael, Alpha Diallo, Kantara Koulibaly, Abdallah Jambang
Produced by
One Vibe Films & Diversity United
in collaboration with Tolba and Oltredanza

Conceived to encourage Audience Engagement through innovative practices to make social change, the multilayered performance (video dance, physical theatre, live music) will travel in Athens, Greece, in Matera (European Capital of Culture in 2019), Italy and in Malmo, Sweden. As the participatory art therapy workshops with young refugee/immigrant participants, are taking and will take place in each one of these cities, they are reflecting the real stages of a refugee’s journey in Europe. The project will stay alive after the tour of the performance, through innovative tools and strategies on an interactive transmedia platform, engaging even larger audiences across Europe.

Following the Participatory Video workshops that have taken place in remote villages of Basilicata, South Italy, we have produced the Italian-based (in terms of facts and participants) video-dance and performance. 

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